søndag den 28. januar 2018

Happy New Year

It's been quite a while. I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas and a happy new year. A little update: Lars is ill, and finally we're finding out what's wrong: Everything from shrinking liver, blood clots, aphasia, stomach ulcers and discuspals in the neck. Lars will undergo surgery Monday, Feb. 5th, and we hope it's the right decition. No one promises progress, only that they may stop the degeneration that is taking place.
It has been and is still a difficult time for us. We find comfort in each other, our love is growing stronger each day and we have great faith in a Heavenly Father who loves His children, who will help them find peace when things are difficult.

These are some cards I've made during December and January. They are made to www.operationskrivhjem.dk

These 4 cards are made using "Besutiful you" from Stampin Up.

Stampin up! "Merry patterns".

Stampin up! "Lovely as a tree" & "Painted harvest".

The nisse are from "Bildmalarna Stamps", from Sweden.

The nisse, are from ByLene design, the girl are a Magnolia Stamp, 

The first card are from Stampin Up! "Painted Harvest"
2nd card: Tekst are from "Million & One".

This different cards dragonflies are also from Stampin Up! 


The swirl in the first card are from Stampin Up! "Faaling Flowers". The horse in the middle card, are from Magnolia.

Stampin Up! "Painted Harvest" & "Baby Bear".

The girl are from Magnolia Stamps,
the flowers and number are from Stampin Up! "Numbers of Years"

Stampin Up! "Baby Moon".

1st card: Stampin Up! "Swallowtail".
2nd card: "This little piggy".
3rd card: "Baby bear".

1st card: Stampin Up! "Wetland".
2nd card: "Numbers of Years",  Stampin Up!
3rd card: "Falling flowers", Stampin Up!

"Numbers of Years", by Stampin Up!

1st card: "Numbers of Years", by Stampin Up!
2nd card: "Falling flowers", by Stampin Up!

1st card: "Falling flowers", by Stampin Up!
2nd card: Design paper from Stampin Up!, flower is a punch called Daisy also from Stampin Up!

Still trying to get a grib around decoration boxes and making flowers - none of which I find easy...