søndag den 25. marts 2018

Does God punish us?

Hi there! 

Finally, here is an update.I would like to briefly explain why I have not been blogging for many weeks.

We have felt very challenged for a while. Lars's surgery was canceled February 5, 2018 due to erysipelas in his right leg. Several weeks went by before he was well again.
Finally, we got a new appointment, March 20, 2018. It was also canceled: because he had cached a cold!

It's been hard to handle some of the feelings we're going through: every time we think we're in control, things happen - life happens -  something new comes up that requires our attention, often out of our control.
A friend asked if we felt God punished us for something we had done, since so much bad happens to us? Definitely not!
We believe in a loving God, an embracing God, a God who wants to lift and take care of us; how we respond to the challenges of life, will show who we are and what we have of core values.

Just yesterday a care worker said to us: "It is so good to see folks like you laugh and joke with each other, despite of everything...