tirsdag den 4. december 2018

Christmas Fair at Bækkebo!

Christmas Fair at Bækkebo!

It was the first time Kamilla and I tried to have a booth at a Christmas market. It was 3 fun hours where we met many different people. 
We had put a lot of thought into the things we were selling. All were made with love - but would people buy it? 
Some things had no interest, but others were sold out almost immediately. It was a really good experience.

A view of our table!

My beautiful daughter Kamilla!

We even came into the newspaper ...


mandag den 3. december 2018

The healing of music

Hello again
It has been a very difficult month of November.

Lars was admitted 2 times shortly after each other. We consulted a neuro specialist, and the answer was that there was nothing that could be done to help him.

Life is is about both ups and downs. I believe our true "self" and our sincere belief,  will show it's true color,  when we fight the harsh winds that's blowing in our direction - when it feels like we are in the midst of a storm where we have no power or influence - only how we choose to look at things.

Music has always helped me when I felt life became to difficult. 
Music can heal the heart, when nothing else can. 

Our faith has helped us a lot. We believe in a loving Heavenly Father who knows us, He knows our joy and pain. He will comfort us - if we will just turn to him.

One day, when I was feeling down, I came across a singer, Stephanie Madsen. 
You get spellbound by her voice that's clean and clear. There is soul in her music - i the way she sings! You can hear that she brings forth a message she believes in. 

Try listening, I hope you will feel like I did.

tirsdag den 13. november 2018

Day 13

It is:
The Sixth Annual Month of Holiday Card at:

To day the letter are "K"
I went along with:  kinetic cards
First I had to find out what is was... As far as I could find out, it is a card with something mowing. So I made this card.

  Ingen automatisk alternativ tekst tilgængelig.
# 1: When closed
#2: when opened

The colors are very soft blue, silver, brown and grey.

Did I tell Beccy also have a store? https://beccysplace.com/ 
She makes some beautiful stamps. If you want the traditionals stamps - or digi, she has both! Also, Beccy are so generous that she provides a ton of free digi stamps. 
I've godt a lot of her stamps in my collection. The last time I counted I had +30 digi stamps under my file: "Beccys Place". 

My favorite are:  Nativity!

Image 1
This is where you click to go and buy it:

Last week was a  bit of a challenge. Lars had another Transitorisk cerebral iskæmi (TCI).
He's had them before, but it is a scare each time. He's better now, all he wants and need are to sleep.

So, that's why I have not been able to follow along with the cards challenge each day.  I just manage to do so to day: yeah...  

fredag den 9. november 2018

Day 10 "I"

It is:
The Sixth 
Annual Month of Holiday Cart at: 

To day it is the letter "I"

I chose to go with ICE skating. I just happen to have a magnolia stamp, whereTilda and Edwin are ice skating.It has been a quiet day to day, Friday. I have been preparing things for the Christmas fair - it is just 2 weeks away. I hope, I'll be ready in time, there just seems to be so many small details to consider! Maybe, because it is the first time I'm attending such an event, am I overthinking things? - maybe just a little!

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Day 9

It is the Sixth Annual Month of Holiday Cards athttps://beccyschallenges.blogspot.com/

Back again! I had to miss a few days due to family stuff. Sometimes other things are more important, than those you have planned to do.
To days letter are "H"

I'ved chosen to use the letter "H", as in the  herringbone technique.
I had to look it up...
So, here goes...

Ingen automatisk alternativ tekst tilgængelig.
I've just used som leftover christmas paper. Again, not a traditionel Christmas card, and I love traditions, so this is sooo wrong. 

The sentiment says: You're an Angel.