torsdag den 9. august 2018

Do we still have welfare in Denmark

When the word "Welfare" is divided up in, well and fare (in Danish it is an old word for travel) - to me it means safety in the journey. In Denmark we are paying a high tax for this safety/welfare. Most are okay with that. We know, that should something happen, we can get the help we need. Help's available to everyone - rich or poor. Do we still have welfare in Denmark? I wonder... After an MR scan I have now waited 3 weeks for a phonecall. All I need, is a Doctor from the medical ambulatoriun, who can tell me what the treatment plan is for my knee.
A nurse was kind enough to tell me, that the scan has shown some injury in my knee, but a doctor has to be the one to tell me, whats going to happen from next.

So, why has a Doctor not called yet? Well, it's sommer, it's vacation time, and this Doctor, is is the only surgeon on call to cover both the medical ambulatoriun and the ward.
Is this fair on him? On those waiting? Is it fait on the nurses who has to run and cover more than one persons job?

I begin to feel that welfare may no longer for everyone. If I had the money, I could buy the answer in the privat sector, and the help needed to fix my knee. I don't have that kind of money - so I'll have to wait.

Is "wel-fare" for all - or for the few who can afford to buy it?
Or is it Wel-fare spelled backwards: "farewell"!

1. Design Paper from Stampin' Up! + Magnolia stamp: Longing Tilda, 2010
2. Stampin' Up: Garden Girl

1. Stampin' Up Design paper
2.  Stampin' Up: Timeless texture + a Danish centiment

1-3 Design paper from Stampin' Up
3 Bird in a nest, Stampin' Up: Flying Home.

Design paper from Stampi' Up.

1. Stampin Up: Lovely as a Tree
2. Stampin Up: The Wilderness Awaits
3. Stampin Up flower punch: Daisy

1. The new embossing folder from Stampin' Up "Basket Weave" and the stamp set "Four feathers"
2. Stampin Up: Design paper from SU, and the stamp set "Flowering Fields"
3:Stampin Up: Lovely Wishes
1. Stampin Up embossing folder "Cable knit" & the stamp set "Carols of Christmas".
2. Stampin Up: "Carols of Christmas"

cards I've made the last month

1. Magnolia: Hanging Tilda
2. Heartfeldt Creation stamp

søndag den 5. august 2018

tirsdag den 24. juli 2018

Christmas in July

I love winter and christmas.

I love the tranquility that comes over us when the snow falls, and we can not but wait for the snow to melt and can get started again.
All I'm sorry about is, that when Christmas itself is near, many people are stressing - and in their haste and preparation, they forget why we celebrate Christmas.
I think it's thoughtful that we spend more than the year before, the sales volume of the stores rises and rises. In Denmark vi have en old beloved christmas song, it is called "Sikken voldsom trængsel og alarm", translated it is something like: What a busy crows, thrill and alarm". The words in this song, written in 1848, has a message in tune with time to day: We use more and more.
I am grateful to the Savior and I am grateful for a period when thoughts and times are about Him - or should do it. Often I hear people say: i don't have time to talk about Him, there's som much I have to do! Many forget the man we celebrate: The Son of God. Let's put Him first this year.