mandag den 16. juli 2018

Trust in the small voice and yourself!

What a great week we had last week. Our son came home to visit, from the UK. It was so great to see him again. To have the hole family together, even for a short time, was a blessing. One I will keep in my heart and cherish for a very long time.

Last night I learned a valuable lesson: Trust yourself - and the Still small voice! Do not trust others so much, that you do not listen to your inner feelings.

I have had pain in the upper abdomen since Saturday evening. I've had the same kind of pain before, and a number of times I have been hospitalized - without the doctors having been able to find a reason for the pains.
This doctor's reaction was: The medication you have been prescribed should not be taken after you have received a gastric bypass. You must stop now! Your stomach is inflammatory.

I have said to Lars on several occasions that I felt there was a connection between these pills and my stomach ache. I have also told my GP, but he said it could not be - and I believed him.. What can I learn from this? Listen to your body! L
isten to your instinct. You're the one who knows best about what's happening to you ... do not let others convince you otherwise. Listen to the little soft voice - it will protect you.

Stampin Up!: High tide

SU!Punch: Truly tailored, DSP: Garden Impression

1st card: Stampin Up!  DSP Garden Impression, Doillies IN Color 2015-2017
2nd card: Stampin Up! DSP Garden Impression, Daisy punch
3rd card: Stampin Up! DSP Garden Impression, Banner centiment from Stampin Up! Stampset: Birthday Delivery

Stampin Up! Daisy Delight, misc ST! Punches,  Sentiment from Stampin Up! Birthday Blooms

Stampin Up! Hanging Garden

Stampin Up! Beautiful You

fredag den 29. juni 2018

Follow your dream.

My daughter had a dream: to find modest, yet modern dresses. It seems that nowadays it's about revealing as much skin as possible. She has talked a lot about it and now she has got sewn dresses and they are ready for sale. Take a look at her website. So far there is only 1 dress in different seizes, but more dresses will come.

I promised I would show more cards, so here are some few:

Stampin Up: Best birds, centiment from Musical Season

Stampin Up: Truely Taylored, red centiment: Wonderous wreath

Stampin Up: Painted harvest + Alfabeth dies, wirly scribbles

Stampin Up:  Peaceful pines

mandag den 25. juni 2018

Just some cards

I have hardly blogged in the year that has passed, and there are many reasons for that.

The biggest reason has been Lars's failing health and operations and getting used to the help of healthcare professionals.

Also we have had a lot of computer problems. So I have not been able to blog. The next couple of days I will blog again. I'm using my daughter Kamilla's computer. She's living at home for a short period of time.

Stampin' Up: Painted Harvest

Stampin' Up: Beautiful you

Stampin' Up: Daisy delight, Hello Friend

Stampin' Up:  I can't remember the name of the stamp set

Stampin' Up: Flying Home

Stampin' Up: Lovely wishes, Tranquil tulips

Stampin' Up: Falling flowers, Fruit basket

Stampin' Up: Tranquil tulips, I can't remember the name of the stamp set, used in the 3rd card

Stampin' Up: Lots of lavender, Lovely as a tree

Magnolia stamps

Magnolia stamp