torsdag den 3. januar 2019

Happy New Year

I just want to wish you all a Happy New year!
I hope the new year finds you safe and in good health.

I just want to show you a few cards I've made so far this year.
Take care everybody.

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Stamp set from Stampin' Up
Picture #1: "Pleasant Pheasants"
Picture # 2: "Better with you"

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Stamp set from Stampin' Up: This little Piggy

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Both embossing folders are from Stampin' Up
Picture #1: Garden Trellis
Picture #2: Tin tile dynamic
Sentiment from Dixie Craft made by Annette B. Buur-Andersen

lørdag den 29. december 2018

Merry Christmas

I hope you all have had a blessed Christmas.
I can't even describe how different our Christmas has been this year.
Nothing has been as usual. 

Bækkebo, where Kamilla lives, has a tradition of ending the year with a Christmas service and a posh dinner. Lars and I drove to Bækkebo, just to find that Kamilla had become ill. We sad and talked together for a while. She got a Christmas pressent and we drove back home again.

This year Kamilla celebrated Christmas at Bækkebo; and Grethe, Aske and Mads celebrated Christmas at their house.
Jimmy did a lot to make Lars and I feel like it was Christmas.
It was just so difficult, because Lars wasn't quite all right - and on Dec. 21 I had surgery, and was banned from doing anything. Jimmy made a christmas dinner for us, and did all he could to make it a special night. I'm so so thankful for him.  


In Nov. it was my turn to make a little "Thank you"-gift, for those on my fb-group who had ordered Stampin' Up! products. I made this little treat box. It's very tiny, just 2,5 cm x 3 cm.

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Due to health problems, I've not shown you all the cards I've made. 

Here's a lot of cards...
All cards will be send to

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Billedet indeholder sandsynligvis: indendørs
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tirsdag den 4. december 2018

Christmas Fair at Bækkebo!

Christmas Fair at Bækkebo!

It was the first time Kamilla and I tried to have a booth at a Christmas market. It was 3 fun hours where we met many different people. 
We had put a lot of thought into the things we were selling. All were made with love - but would people buy it? 
Some things had no interest, but others were sold out almost immediately. It was a really good experience.

A view of our table!

My beautiful daughter Kamilla!

We even made it the newspaper ... 

mandag den 3. december 2018

The healing of music

Hello again
It has been a very difficult month of November.

Lars was admitted 2 times shortly after each other. We consulted a neuro specialist, and the answer was that there was nothing that could be done to help him.

Life is is about both ups and downs. I believe our true "self" and our sincere belief,  will show it's true color,  when we fight the harsh winds that's blowing in our direction - when it feels like we are in the midst of a storm where we have no power or influence - only how we choose to look at things.

Music has always helped me when I felt life became to difficult. 
Music can heal the heart, when nothing else can. 

Our faith has helped us a lot. We believe in a loving Heavenly Father who knows us, He knows our joy and pain. He will comfort us - if we will just turn to him.

One day, when I was feeling down, I came across a singer, Stephanie Madsen. 
You get spellbound by her voice that's clean and clear. There is soul in her music - i the way she sings! You can hear that she brings forth a message she believes in. 

Try listening, I hope you will feel like I did.

tirsdag den 13. november 2018

Day 13

It is:
The Sixth Annual Month of Holiday Card at:

To day the letter are "K"
I went along with:  kinetic cards
First I had to find out what is was... As far as I could find out, it is a card with something mowing. So I made this card.

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# 1: When closed
#2: when opened

The colors are very soft blue, silver, brown and grey.

Did I tell Beccy also have a store? 
She makes some beautiful stamps. If you want the traditionals stamps - or digi, she has both! Also, Beccy are so generous that she provides a ton of free digi stamps. 
I've godt a lot of her stamps in my collection. The last time I counted I had +30 digi stamps under my file: "Beccys Place". 

My favorite are:  Nativity!

Image 1
This is where you click to go and buy it:

Last week was a  bit of a challenge. Lars had another Transitorisk cerebral iskæmi (TCI).
He's had them before, but it is a scare each time. He's better now, all he wants and need are to sleep.

So, that's why I have not been able to follow along with the cards challenge each day.  I just manage to do so to day: yeah...