søndag den 15. december 2019

Slow Down - Sissel (2019 Pioneer Concert with The Tabernacle Choir)

It has to be my mantra from now on: Slow down.
Slow down and listen to the Spirit.
When you have listen - and heard the spirit
Follow the guidens of the Spirit.

It's been some difficult months, and sometimes I've failed - and for that, I'm really sorry.
I wish I was perfect, but I'm not, and I never will be. 
Life is a journey of success and failure. Hopefully you learn from your mistakes, otherwise there is no need to make more ...
Don't judge others for their mistakes, you don't know the journey they are on. 
You don't know their challenges.
Don't just be by their side, and celebrate their success; also be by their side when the winds of the storm blow against them.

Lars has been on a temporary stay in a nursing home for almost 1½ weeks now. Lars will be home again December 21st.
It was a difficult decision for both Lars and I to acknowledge that this was what we needed.
It just has not been without a bad conscience that I have been here at home, without him. We have been married for 34 years and rarely have we been apart. I love Lars more and more, so the feeling of not being able to give him what he needs is extra tough.
But LOVE also opens up the realization of this: one's inadequacy.
LOVE then, is reaching out to others for help.

Having said all that, I just look forward to him coming home, again.

onsdag den 13. november 2019

Oh so rosy...

The women in the 50s portrayed really rosy.
But it was a tough time for the women.
All the tasks they had, and not the utillities we have today.
Just think of the extra things to prepare for Christmas and other holidays.
At the same time, they should smile, be kind and patient - or at least that's how you see them in pictures ... I think the reality was a little different.

My card to day is made to celebrate women in the 50s, and because the letter to day is K = Kvinder (Women in Danish)

My centiment is only one word: Celebrate.
Celebrate past time, Celebrate Women - Celebrate Christmas.

Stampin Up! Christmas in the Makeing!

tirsdag den 12. november 2019

Joy to the World!

"J" is the letter to day!
The letter to day in the Yearly Christmas Card Challange by Beccy's place
See also here, if you would like to enter a card:

I love the preparations before Christmas.
It brings JOY, when I think of my Heavenly Father and Mother. 
Love in knowing, that they were willing to let their precious Son, come to earth, when they knew all to well, what He had to endure. 
Peace fills my heart, when I think of His submisson and obidience, in fulfilling the task, only He could fulfill.

And it all begang with His Birth.


I know the card is tilting a bit - sorry! I was in a hurry, as time was running out, to submit briefly to days, so I didn't take the time to place the card properly.
No more from here today. Everything is quiet and calm and we enjoy it.

Stampin Up!: "Joyful Nativity"
The centiment is from Stampin Up!: "Musical Season".

Stampin Up!: "Birds of a Feather"

This was suppose to have been my entry yesterday, but time was running faster then me!!! Yesterday the letter was "I". The colour behind the Christmas chicks, are Iceblue!

søndag den 10. november 2019

It's been a while - again!

It's been a while - again.

Life has been hectic here at our place.
Lars was in the hospital for a week. He suffered a facial paralysis and some feeling of numbness in his legs. He's doing better now.
I fell a few days ago, while I was out walking. I hurt my shoulder, and had to go the  emergency room. I'm all sore, and my left shoulder is hanging, but the doctors promissed it would be better in 2-3 weeks.

I had otherwise looked forward to the Seventh Annual
Month of Holiday Cards Challenge! at Beccy's place.

I love her challenges: they are fun, they are challenging, and I learn so much.
Like to day: We have to make a Christmas card - without using a stamp with a Christmas motif. Whau - I had not seen that comming!

Stampin Up: Still night

Stampin Up: Peace and light

I can't remember the name of this stamp, sorry.

lørdag den 19. oktober 2019

Soon it's Christmas

Time is flying so fast - soon it is Christmas.
My daughter and I are yet again preparing things to sell at the Bækkebo Christmas fair. (Bækkebo is where she's living).
This year the theme we have desided the theme is: Christmas ornaments. We have cut and embossed some ornaments. There will also be some other things though.

A giftcard with 4 tealights 

søndag den 29. september 2019

Kindness begins with me!

Time flies, and it's time to send Christmas cards to the soldiers serving Denmark around the world. The must be send now, in order to reach them - and back to their families, before Christmas.

I am honored to be allowed to participate in this project. I wish many others would, too. 

I know there are many good organizations to support. 
Whether it is OSH, the Hospital Clown, Multiple sclerosis Society, Cancer Foundation or something else, there is a lot that depends on volunteering. 

It is life affirming to me to think that kindness, care and charity thrive in a world where we are meet with bad news every day. 

I know not many read this, but I thank everyone who makes a difference. Not everyone can do the same - and neither should we. 

We can make a difference where we are. The small daily gestures are not meaningless: a greeting to a stranger we meet on our way, a help to someone in line who we can see in a hurry, a smile to a mother or father standing with an unhappy child - there is so much as we can do.

I attended Scrap Hygge in Randers yesterday. The very thing I just described, I experienced so much. 
A "Hello", "How are you", "Good to see you" - also from some I did not know. It provided a sense of belonging - something we all need.

Magnolia: Cozy Tilda & Tilda hiding a gift

Stampin Up: In the Meadow, Sprig punch

Card # 1 Stampin up, Still Night
Card # 2: Stampin up, Hearts at home, Lovely as a tree

 Card # 2 Stampin up, Pinetree punch + Design Paper

lørdag den 21. september 2019

Goodbye summer - Hello Autum!

Studiolight: Tropical Jungle

We finally say goodbye to summer - and we welcome the autumn.

Like a good friend, he relieves the heat of the summer, with his warm winds and cool morning hours. He arrives in a color palette of earth tones. Autumn is a welcome guest who, as a pilgrim, stays for a while.

This summer has been edifying for our little family.

We have been through so much for the last 4 years. This summer has been spent on building us up.

Only because I think we can often learn from our circumstances have our trials been worth the journey.

During the last 4 years with +25 surgeries and Lars' disease I have often thought about the song "Rock and Ages".
The rock, Jesus Christ, brings strength and security. In our dark times, He will embrace us if we simply allow Him.

 The Story Behind the Hymn “Rock of Ages”ebook

“Rock of Ages” is a Christian hymn written by Augustus M. Toplady, with music by Thomas Hastings. This very personal hymn uses pronouns such asI and me rather than we and our,focusing on individual salvation.
Legend says that Toplady wrote the hymn during a stormy incident in England. While traveling along the gorge in Burrington Combe, he was caught in a fierce storm and took shelter in a gap in the gorge, where he wrote the original lyrics. Some disagree on whether the event actually occurred; nevertheless, the rock is now marked with a plaque that reads: “Rock of Ages: This rock derives its name from the well known hymn written about 1762 by the Rev A M Toplady who was inspired whilst sheltering in this cleft during a storm.” 
The 1950 Latter-day Saint hymnal included a version of the hymn for women’s voices only, but in the 1985 hymnal it was changed to the standard four-part harmony for congregational use.
The choir has performed “Rock of Ages” for years, and you can find recordings on the albums Rock of Ages: 30 Great Hymns and The Majesty of America.


Card toppers from ByLene Design and BLD 1018
I can't remember where the centiment "Glædelig Jul" (Merry Christmas) are from.
Embossing folder NS, DCTXT003 Glædelig jul.

Ornaments ByLene Design BLD1018, BLD1007
Magnolia 2011, Tilda hiding gift

Card #2 Magnolia 2008, TIldas Brunte
Card # 3 www.docraft.co.uk Forever Friends

Card # 1 Stampin Up: Santas suit
Card # 2 Stampin Up: Heartfelt Creation, Large Poinsette, embossing folder: Tufted 3D 
Card # 3 Stampin Up: Stampin Up, design paper, layring ovals, "Carols of Christmas"

Stampin Up: Lovely as a tree, Heart & Home framelits,
Christmas Landpost thinlits 
BLD 1011

Stampin up: Delicate ornaments thinlits & Merry Patterns