torsdag den 24. august 2017

Just a quick update

I just wanted to quick share some cards with you, that I've made for OSH ( Charlie does a great job at OSH. I am grateful for the time she uses in collecting cards and then distributing to our soldiers.
When I made these cards, I thought about appriciation. Do we know how good it is to be alive? To see a new days begining? Being able to choose what we want to do - some do not have that choise. Do we fight for freedom, and the right to be and live as we want to?   I'm thankful for our soldies, who may not be many compared to other countries. I'm grateful for the Sacrifices these families make.


søndag den 14. maj 2017

Just a little note!

It's been a while. So many things has happend, that I just did not have time for this blog. I promisse to do better...

My man! Every small piece has to be turned and turned again - what if it can be used somewhere... 

Lars at the hospital last week. He was hospitalized for a few days when the doctors thought he had a blood clot. Now he has to be followed by a medical emergency clinic to find out what's wrong.

 Here I've used Lucky Elephant from Stampin' Up. I have a friend, Eva, she loves elephants 

The text reads: It's your day to day.

I used Stampin' Up!'s stamp set: Avant garden.
The LO was made in 2 sizes: A card and a smaller card to be used in ex. a flower bouquet.

These last 2 cards were made using a stamp and die set fra Heartfelt Creation, and 2 embossing folderes

The flower came from arianna blooms
and from large sparkling poinsettia I used the leaf stamp and die.

torsdag den 4. maj 2017

Why not choose a new and better way?

Why is it hard to act in a new or different way?

As a child, I was exposed to some things that definitely shaped me, to what I am today. 

My thoughts the last few days have wandred back and forth about that, and a this thought came to me: 

Why are we hanging on to the things we have learned - which may not be good for us?
Why is it hard to change the way we think and act, if we know there's a better way?

Once it might have been a way to survive, or sometimes the only way to make sence of all the mess around you - BUT: today I am grown - and should be able to act more purposefully. Why then hang on in childhood experiences? 

Life must be lived, and we learn from good and bad experiences, even how to act around good and not so good people. However, it is not always we sort in our experiences as adults, and throw those away that does not work for us, or even still in some ways, ruin us.
Experiences that came our way and shaped us to those we are: Why let them stay, and be part of our lives? Perhaps even give them power over us? 

Finally, I have chosen to reach out for help. It is a decision that has not been easy. Family and a couple of good friends have pushed me in the right direction for a long time, thay never gave up on me. They have been by my side, until I was ready to look some heavy demons in the eyes.

I feel so blessed that they who never gave up on me, but loved me and accepted me for who I am. They saw more in me, than I did myself. Thank you all.


Some new cards:

These cards were made, using Stampin' Up stamp set: Avant Garden.

I made 12 of these small wrap a-round for post-it-notes 
The flower stamp are Stampin' Up Petite Petals

Mads is playing with Aunt Kamilla

Nearly 2 years old...

tirsdag den 25. april 2017

Random stuff...

Do you know the feeling that comes when you have to wait and wait?
A Danish saying goes: Everything good comes to the one who waits long enough.
Now it's official, my oldest daughter has started making cards, etc. We really enjoy ourselves - sometimes we sit all night in the middle of a project, and it's hard to mobilize the strength to go to bed.

The waiting is over - I have someone to share my interest with.
Here are some cards I have not shown before. They're not all great - I'm still a "newbie!"

On the 24th each month, I make a Christmas card.
 This tradition begang at OSH

I'm trying to learn to make background paper...

And oldie from last year - I just had to make some more

This is prove that I do make other things than cards
 I love to bake, so to day I made 3 loaf of white bread.

lørdag den 22. april 2017

A new endeaver

Sometimes it's good to be challenged.Thursday night I attended a meeting held by rhe Housing Association in which we live.Among other things was the election of a new board member... yes, I was suggested and opted for 2 years. I am excited to learn everything about this "job".The question is now, can I do it well - or will I fail.I will give it all I can, I will be open to learn and I'll be listening.

søndag den 16. april 2017

Happy Easter

Do you want to listen to some great music? Here's Music and the the Spoken Word, with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. They perform the music from The Messiah! Listen, and remember our Savior Jesus Christ, and the gift He gave us this day: That we all can live again, and return to our Father in Heaven!

There They Laid Jesus

A few new cards for . I'm not happy with all of them... but here comes:


When my grandson comes for a visit - he goes straight to the craftroom!
"Hygge" in the craftroom. Mads ALWAYS want to play with my Big Shot. Oh yes, He knows how it works! He want to get out the dies too and go to play... Here he's haveing fun with his aunt Kamilla.

Even the best crafter has to take a nap.