torsdag den 11. juli 2019

It's summer!

Now it's summer! Warmth, light, outdoor activities - both Lars and I enjoy this season. Some prefer the spring - I'm probably most an autumn-kind-of-girl. I love to see all the golden colors that come on trees and shrubs. I love to feel the wind blowing a little stronger. I marvel every time, over the beautiful sight it is that nature is preparing to go to sleep, knowing that it will wake up again some months later.
Now that I am approaching the fall of my own life, I am grateful for my testimony that, as in nature, I shall only rest for a while, before I shall arise again.
I love life! I am grateful for every wonderful day.

Stampin Up: Golden afternoon.

Stampin Up: The Sky is the limit
Tim Holtz:  Mini Globe


#1 Stampin Up: So Hoppy Together
#2 Advent Garden
#3 Wetland 

#1 Stampin Up: Shaltering tree and Beautiful You
#2 Stampin Up punch: Leaf

#1 Woodware, Sausage dog
#2 Bildmalarna: Winter Birds

tirsdag den 9. juli 2019


It has been a long time since I contributed to Beccysplace
It's also many years since I found Beccys blog.

There are few things / people I recommend to others, Beccy is one of them.
Of course I am a big fan of the way she's drawing.
Beccy is a generous person who shares her talents with others. She has many free digistamps you can download - and a great store where you can buy traditional stamps and digistamps.

Every year, I look forward to November at Beccy'splace - it's a special place in November. 
Every day in November, Beccy comes up with a new challenge. It can be a color you shall use on the card of the day, a technique or something completely different. Exciting, challenging and not least educational.

Here is my contribution to July 2019.

søndag den 7. juli 2019

Life is good - life is wonderful!

Please listen to the words of this song, it has a powerful message - 
and enjoy the voices of the 2 young ladies singing.
Thank you Stephanie for making such great music.

After a few years, with challenges, almost every day, it is a blessing to enjoy peace and quiet!

Not to understand that nothing is happening, because it does, but we can handle our challenges / trials better.

Abt. our little advocadoplante:
I think the reason why both Lars and I are excited about our little advocadoplante is, that we can see some things that remind us of our life.

First there is just a stone. It doesn't look anything special.

In fact, it is just to throw away - which most people do.
If you feed the stone, just a little water, then have a lot of patience, then it will start to germinate.
To germinate, the plant must first break the stone. The stone can only be divided with the strength of the small seed.

It is a bit like weeds that can break through asphalt.

Our little stone stood approx. 6 weeks in water, after which the stone began to split.

June 22 we could see the little sprout. A new life had begun: the stone had now become a plant.

We all have stones, only we can break through. But it all becomes a little easier when we know there is a purpose for the things we have to go through.

Our family and faith help and strengthen us. It makes life worth living.

lørdag den 22. juni 2019

I LOVE flowers

Sir Cliff Richard sings:
I like small speakers, I like tall speakers
If they've music, they're wired for sound

I would change it to:

I like small flowers, I like tall flowers
If they're flowers,I'd love them so

A deep red poinsetta This is mine from last year!

I have previously told why I love poinsetta, so I will not tell you again. If you would like to know the story behind my love for this beautiful flower, follow the link below the flower.

At Christmas time I got a poinsetta from my daughter. It began to lose its leaves at the end of January - as they usually do. I put it on our closed balcony and forgot about it. So for approx. One month ago I found it when I was supposed to clean the balcony. It was not dead! New leaves were set! I do not know if it survives, but it is now in the living room and I enjoy the many green leaves.

50 Mix Slipper Flower Seeds (Calceolaria Herbeohybrida) Fascination - $4.85

I remember as a little girl that I standing in my grandmother's living room - looking at her flowers. She had so many flowers. She had more than one in each of the 4 windows that were in the living room, which faced the street. I was especially fascinated by the slipper flower. I was amazed that it could be completely empty - and yet keep its shape; it was also full of dots and grandmother had this flower in many different colors. Today it is an old-fashioned flower, and I hardly ever see it.

Some months ago I put the stone from an avocado in water. It has been fascinating to see how a small sprout can break through, divide the hard stone into 2, and push the parts aside in order for it to come to the light - and soon to become a flower

#1 Stampin Up stamp set: Sheltering tree
#2 Stampin Up stamp set: Falling Flowers

#1 Stampin Up stamp set: Serene Garden
#2 Stampin Up stamp set: Number of years
#3 Stampin Up stamp set: Blossoming basket

#1-2 Stampin Up stamp set:

#1 Stampin Up stamp set: Pedal pusher
2 Stampin Up stamp set: In every season

#1 Stampin Up stamp set: Epic Celebration
#2 Stampin Up stamp set: Flowering Fields
#3 Stampin Up stamp set: Magical Day

#1 Stampin Up stamp set: Gift of Love
#2 Stampin Up stamp set: 
#3 Stampin Up stamp set:  In every season

#1 Stampin Up stamp set: Flower shop & Timeless texture
#2 Stampin Up stamp set: Very Vintage

#1 Stampin Up stamp set: Number of years

These are not from Stampin up.

onsdag den 19. juni 2019

Thinking back...

Again today it has been incredibly hot. It is not funny at all. 
When a little cloud passes over in the sky, you just want to be able to stand in its shadow - if only for a short a moment!

Lately, I've been thinking about my late sister. My sister died in 1983. 
My sister, Ingelise, died unexpectedly of brain cancer. 
My father forbade us to talk about her for 8 years. That was his way of working through the grief that arose when she so unexpectedly died. 

And yet ... my sister was born with a heart defect, and other issuses related to the heart. 
Here in Denmark, we call children born with a heart defect "Heart-children".

In 1972, only 11 years old, she had a major heart surgery. No one at that time thought that she would live long enough to grow up. She almost did, she died when she was 22 years old.

Thinking of the cloud in the sky, where we want to linger if only for a moment, so it is with my late sister. it might be nice to stand in the shade with her. I could just imagine us talking together - albeit for a brief moment.


#1 Design Paper fra Stampin Up, Centiment says Merry Christmas (in Danish)
#2 Design Paper fra Stampin Up; Also from Stampin Up The stamp set "Embellished Ornaments" (centiment); Stampin Up punch: Daisy
#3 Card topper, By Lene Design, Centiment by Annette Buur-Andersen

The stencil I've used, are from Stampin Up

These 5 cards are made with stamps from "Magnolia"

This card is a mix of stamps from Magnolia (tree and bench) and the boy are from Bildmalarna

Stampin Up "High Tide"

Stampin Up "Beautiful you

Stampin Up "Dandelion Wishes"

Stampin Up "Beauty Abounds"