lørdag den 28. januar 2017

Family time

I hope everyone is doing fine.
We have a visit from our oldest daughter. We enjoy having her visit us.
We don't do much - we relax and watch BONES. However, I have made a few cards. Even a Christmas card.
This year I will once again join www.operationsskrivhjem.dk and make a Christmas card every month on the 24th.

I'm also trying to make some to/from gift cards (7x10 cm). I find it's difficult, but it is something new to learn - and that's always exciting, right?

A few other cards I made


I'm also trying to make background paper. Oh boy, that's difficult...

onsdag den 18. januar 2017

Time to get started again...

Happy New Year! - can I still say that?

I know it's been a while, and I'm so sorry. The flu I got in early December, has been a constant companion for 6 weeks. Yesterday was the first day I was afebrile. Hooray !! Lars and I thrive more and more in our small apartment. The day has found a rhythm, and we enjoy it.
This morning we've talked about "cutting" the week into 3 sections - boxes if you will. We have some interests that we want to begin to look at again. It is a big interest for the both of us. It is genealogy. We talked about setting aside the weeks's first 3 days for genealogy, then 2 days for what ever we want to do - and then the weekend for things together, church ect.

Now for something completely different: My daughter Kamilla made a weaved basket for me - I needed something to stand on my desk.
I covered some toilet rolls and the weaved basket with some Vivi Gade Design paper.

Then I made 2 flowers using a die from Heartfelt Creation.

Have you every wondered if the small pearls from these bags can be used for anything?
They come in many shapes and colors... if you want to, try (at your own risk) using them in the middle of a flower...

I would love to have used the leaf stamp and die from Heartfelt creation also, but I don't have the die, and as far as I have understood, they don't make it anymore.

In stead the green leaves were made with an old punch I had.