fredag den 25. marts 2016

Easter - Good Friday!

Clik here Easter message

Matthew 26:57–75, Jesus Christ on trial

Today is Good Friday . Because Christ suffered for our sins , it brought hope for all, of a life with Christ - and justice on Judgment Day for all. He is the great judge who judges righteously. This right he erned, when he suffered and died for us. 


I have a small garden while outside my kitchen window . I went out early this morning at 6:15 , and racked it really well. In my little piece there's rhubarb and Jerusalem artichoke . The Jerusalem artichoke was set 5 years ago , it was abt. Dkr 15. It is about $ 2. I'm still reaping from those Jerusalem artichoke . It is fantastic! God's creation is incredible, a little vegetable can multiply for several years

This is the Jerusalem artichokes I got out of the small piece of land in front of the tile on which they lie - up until in front of the big stone.

Cards I make last night.

The little book, a Pixibook, is attached with scoretape on the back of the card.

This is a christmas card for a child. The pixi book is full of Danish christmas songs for children.

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  1. Hej Conny - de børnekort er guld værd. Tak fordi du leger med i julekort"legen". Hilsen herfra.