torsdag den 10. marts 2016

The sun is setting!

The sun is setting over another day. How did we spent the day? Are we satisfied with what we made in the hours we got?

I would like to share some thoughts with you. I have pondered over it for a while.
Emagine 2 houses.
When you enter the first home, there's a mess everywhere. 
When you enter the 2nd home, everything is in its place.
Which home do you think of as cleaned up?

Now, imagine the same 2 houses.
If you open the cabinets and drawers , in the first home, everything is in place.
If you do the same in the 2nd home, everything will fall out. On the surface it looked good , but when you dug a little, it wasn't as good as you thought.
In the first home, all the mess you saw - was the mess that there was. 
Which house was really cleaned up?

Are we humans the same way ? Do we put a mask on, and " pretend" there is order in our lives, even if there's not. Do we hide our "mess" in cupboards and drawers - or dare we show who we really are?  

I just wonder how the world would be, if we all dared to be honest, open and caring.

Here's my cards for today.

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  1. Kloge ord. Jeg har altid min mors ord "hellere et hyggeligt hjem med lidt skidt i krogene end et rent helvede"


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