torsdag den 21. april 2016

Help from family and good friends!

It has been a difficult day to day (April 21th). The day began with fun and laughter - but soon turned into pain and tears. Why? 
The phone rang, the real estate agent had a couple who would like to see the house Saturday at 11 am (laughter, joy & fun).

Then my control gene kicked in on overtime, now everything had to be cleared away: a bed discarded, boxes moved, 2 racks were moved from one place to another - and then I was in pain, a lot of pain. I couldn't move. and so it was the rest of the day. Not good at all.

Luckily our son-in-law came and moved a lot of boxes for us. He is fantastic. He does so much for us. When our son comes home from work today, Friday, he will help us. Saturday morning a good friend, will come and helps make the house presentable. She can turn anything and everything into someting nice!
I do not know what we would do without our family and good friends help.
We're surounded by so much love, that it lifts us up those days, where we fell we can't make it anymore.

Album with tags from Heidis Kreative Team Huleboer

I'm going to try to make one like this, just as a baby album,
for Mads' great-grandmother as a mothers day gift!

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