lørdag den 5. november 2016

What to do?

I'm still in pain, so housework are on stand by...
I lie and wonder if I could have done something different, so the pain had not came back.
It is three months since I last had a major attack and had to be hospitalized. What happened?
I can not put my finger on anything in particular. I have not lifted Mads many times, and certainly not the last week. I am not standing in the kitchen, for here where we live, we can buy good and cheap meals, so we choose that, just for me to save my strength for other things.

My daughter Grethe, said something wise: When setting a goal, there is also small sub-goals... that way you pause and see how far you have come.
Mom, Your goal is to recover completely, maybe this here, a bit like a sub-goal - this i not a failure, because you still have your goal in mind.

Pondering about it, I think she's right. It's hard to think positively about something that right now are perceived negatively - but it is healthy to turn the situation into something good. If you have good things to work with, so it's easier to start again. Putting one foot before the other, take it step by step ...

I have embroidered 3 Christmas calendars this year, they only lack the bracket so they can hang on the wall. Jubiii I'm so happy they're done before Dec 1st.
The calender with the train is made for Mads. Both Mads' fathers mother Solvejg and I will buy 12 gifts. I can't wait to se his calender with 24 small gifts - hanging on the wall. (That's the way we do it in Denmark, then each day Mads will unwrap a pressent) It will be fun to see him open his first calendar gift.

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