mandag den 20. februar 2017

What's up?

Best new in a very long time: I'm getting a little better every day. I can feel I'm getting stronger. Of course, it also means that it is now hard to sit still! I now have the opportunity to do some of the things I have not been able to for some time. In the past I baked several times a week. I have always, as long as I can remember, loved to bake. Now, I can't remember when the last time I baked was. That is, last night all of a sudden, I wanted to bake! so I did. I baked a lemmon cake with frosting. This morning I baked one again. My visitingteachers came for a visit, and I wanted to serve them a freshly baked cake. There is an association in Randers collecting gifts all year, to give to the socially vulnerable and their children, for Christmas. Yesterday and today I have made 200 gift tags for those pressents. In a month or so I will make the same amount to the Cancer association, then they sell them, and the money generated goes to....
Otherwise, I look forward to my friend Eva comes to visit. All we're going to do, is relaxing, scrapping and go to a scrapt convention. It promises to be a wonderful week.

Here's a bit of what I've been doing.

The wreath, is from Stampin up! It is called Wonderus Wreath.
I just love it. I've used it a lot.

This stamp is from Bildmalarne, a Swedish firm, now closed.
This little girl is called Mimosa.

A trusted friend: my very old owl punch, and the owl stamp from a hostess set from Stampin Up! called Cozy Critters. I love then something new comes along, that can be used with something I already have.

My taperunner broke! What could I do? Well, I took the tape out little by little and placed the owls on top of the tape. Then when I removed the owls again, the tape was on the back, ready to be placed on the gift tag. 

Last - but not least, no tags for Christmas without a snowman!

tirsdag den 14. februar 2017

Random things...

I have a small porcelain figurine in the windowsill that means a lot to me. My son, Jimmy, who now lives in Enaland, collects polar bears. There was a polar bear that he had 2 of, so when he moved, he gave it to me. - It reminds us, that he may be far away, but he will always be in our hearts.

I have a little thing on the windowsill means a lot to me.My son, Jimmy, who now lives in Enaland, collect polar bears. There was a polar bear that he did not take when he moved - it is the little thing standing on th windiw now with us, and reminds us that he may be far away, but he is still in our hearts.

We to care of Messi last weekend. He soon found out, that he could lie on top of the couch back, and look down on me, and keep track of the things I did.

As I have previously written, I love the Christmas rose/poinsetta. Normally, they only thrive 2-3 weeks at my hous!!! My daughter, Grethe, gave me this poinsetta in early December. That is now abt. 10 weeks ago, and it is still blooming ... I'm so glad every time I see it.

A few cards for 

From the Stamp Set "Hi Chick" from Stampin Up!
I've been in love with Magnolia ever since I began to stamp and make cards.Tilda looks so sweet, I imagnine that she brings flowers to her mother...


lørdag den 11. februar 2017

How fast time goes...

Hi Everyone!
Timebt fly by so fast. Just to day we talked about where this week went! Did we do all we wanted to do?
I've been in hospital - again. This time it was only for a few days, and I'm slowly getting better again. The doctor told me, it was all b/c of the Gastric Bypass, and I had to get to terms with the fact, that from time to time I would have to come back. 
Next month I'm going to see an diatitian, she works at the Viborg Central Hospital. Maybe I can get help... it is worth a try.

So, as I told in my last update, we enjoy our new flat more and more. 
We still miss our old house and the possiblity of going out in the garden. We know with all our heart that it was the right dessition to move, and that has helped anlot.

This is a picture of Lars at his little corner of the world - oh, flat... He enjoys sitting with all his stuff and build things and such. 
To day his desk is all clean and you can find things...

I can not say the same of my desk...
The reason is.... uhm, can't find any. I guess it's time to put things in their right place. It's just not as fun - as if I was working on a project..

We enjoy having our grandson visit. Here his's helping me type a message to his mother...

Later we just had to give him an icecone - I belive it was his fist, ever.

Oh, and I've made a few cards for This is a few of them.

 I have some new set of stamps from Stampin Up!

This card is from the stamp set: In the Meadow 

These card are from the stamp set: Hey Chick.