lørdag den 11. februar 2017

How fast time goes...

Hi Everyone!
Timebt fly by so fast. Just to day we talked about where this week went! Did we do all we wanted to do?
I've been in hospital - again. This time it was only for a few days, and I'm slowly getting better again. The doctor told me, it was all b/c of the Gastric Bypass, and I had to get to terms with the fact, that from time to time I would have to come back. 
Next month I'm going to see an diatitian, she works at the Viborg Central Hospital. Maybe I can get help... it is worth a try.

So, as I told in my last update, we enjoy our new flat more and more. 
We still miss our old house and the possiblity of going out in the garden. We know with all our heart that it was the right dessition to move, and that has helped anlot.

This is a picture of Lars at his little corner of the world - oh, flat... He enjoys sitting with all his stuff and build things and such. 
To day his desk is all clean and you can find things...

I can not say the same of my desk...
The reason is.... uhm, can't find any. I guess it's time to put things in their right place. It's just not as fun - as if I was working on a project..

We enjoy having our grandson visit. Here his's helping me type a message to his mother...

Later we just had to give him an icecone - I belive it was his fist, ever.

Oh, and I've made a few cards for www.operationskrivhjem.dk This is a few of them.

 I have some new set of stamps from Stampin Up!

This card is from the stamp set: In the Meadow 

These card are from the stamp set: Hey Chick. 

2 kommentarer:

  1. Mit bord er faktisk værre end dit. Jeg må vist også i gang. Hvor er jeres barnebarn blevet en stor dreng. Køn har han jo hele tiden været. Trist med alle de udfordringer du har fået efter din operation. Kender selv to piger der har været det samme igennem. Den ene helt uden problemer den anden med samme forløb som du har. Håber trods alt det hjælper at få sat navn på problemet, så man ikke bliver nervøs for alt mulig andet. Fine kort og skøn Hello chick.

  2. Sådan skal et godt kreativt bord se ud. �� og det der ud som den is var et hit med Mads �� knus