søndag den 16. april 2017

Happy Easter

Do you want to listen to some great music? Here's Music and the the Spoken Word, with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. They perform the music from The Messiah! Listen, and remember our Savior Jesus Christ, and the gift He gave us this day: That we all can live again, and return to our Father in Heaven!

There They Laid Jesus

A few new cards for www.operationskrivhjem.dk . I'm not happy with all of them... but here comes:


When my grandson comes for a visit - he goes straight to the craftroom!
"Hygge" in the craftroom. Mads ALWAYS want to play with my Big Shot. Oh yes, He knows how it works! He want to get out the dies too and go to play... Here he's haveing fun with his aunt Kamilla.

Even the best crafter has to take a nap.

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Happy New Year

I just want to wish you all a Happy New year! I hope the new year finds you safe and in good health. I just want to show you a few cards...