lørdag den 28. oktober 2017

A hard time - but also a blessed one!

Stampin UP: Painted Harvest

Conny Hillgaards billede.

I think everyone knows now that Lars is not well at all. After we moved last year, he has gradually gotten worse and worse.

Medical examinations do not really show anything - so what's wrong?

It's hard to see your beloved having a hard time.

The first test answers have shown some blood clots in the brain and the legs and a little benign tumor in the brain. Lars has now been in hospital for 9 days, and he has been allowed to come home this weekend, but he will go back to the hospital again on Sunday evening at 8:00 pm.

Whenever time has been hard, We have always been able to use our faith, love and humor, and it has helped a lot.
Our belief, that we are on earth to learn, develop, love, forgive and much more, has helped us in those dark moments. Of course, there has been dark moments, it is part of life and sometime part of growing, but Christ's love has carried us - and we know for sure, it always will, if we will just let him.

We often feel he reaches out to us, saying,
"Take my hand and I will lift you up!
I will love, comfort and be with you.
I want to surround you with my love.
May I? Will you let me

Stampin' Up, Wetland

Stampin' Up: Daisy punch, sentiment: Birthday bloom

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