søndag den 26. november 2017

The Lords day

Today during the sacrament I had some new thoughts. (yes, that happens)

To me, The sacrament of the Lord, is about his sacrifice and our opportunity to return to the Father's presence one day.

When the bread and the water were given to me today, it was as if the Savior stood and offered me the sacrifice he had given. The tray was offered me - and it was up to me to reach out and take  it, symbolic in terms of bread and water. I could not take it myself, it had to be offered to me.

When we eat, we internalise it. It becomes a part of us. When it is a part of us, because we have eaten the bread and drunken the water, I think we are obligated to then act on His offer, and actively follow in His footsteps. Show the world, that we are His followers not only in words - but more so in our actions.

Suddenly today, the sacrament meant more than it had ever done. It was a very spirituel moment.


With regard to Lars, he has received no less than 4 diagnoses: A very small tumor, benign, so it is not necessary to do anything about it. He has had some blood clots. He has collagenosis/kollagenose   and his liver does not work well.
Now he has to go through a series of examinations, to find the right treatment.
Lars is o.k. - we're both all right. For the first time in 2½ years, we can relax, we know what is wrong. Yes, more treatments lies ahead, but that's all right. We have found so much peace, that it is difficult to explain.

W = A Warm and cosy moment around the Christmas tree, these "nisser" looks linke the Nordic nisser (gnomes) does. These are made from dies from ByLene Design

onsdag den 22. november 2017

A little bit of this - and a little bit of that...

So much has happend these last weeks. Lars was in hospital for 2½ weeks. When he came home, it wass not for rest - just more tests. To morrowm Thursday, we're going to Århus for, hopefully, the final interview the the Chief Physician. We don't know what to expect! We know something is wrong, but the extent of it ??? Hopefully to morrow will bring some answers.

Desk Calender for 2018

Gift tag with a nisse from ByLene Design

My fist Upright Diamon card with stamps from Stampin Up.

This is the second year I participate in an exchange of advices ...

fredag den 17. november 2017

2 cards and a pencil box

To day has been a quiet day. I love when there's nothing I have to do.
The day is open for everything - if you are... You get to use the day - or not!
I choosed to clean the house a little, and then sort the metal dies I have collected.
When all was done, I sat down really exited, now I could make some cards

Here's another project. I've decorated a pencil box

There came a time where I needed a break - and I had a great one: I made two more cards....
These I'll send to operation.skriv.hjem.dk 

torsdag den 16. november 2017

A little poinsetta

Time goes so fast ... we are now in the middle of the month I look forward to, based on the fact that I love learning new techniques, and there's a lot to learn in crafting. 

Beccys place is the place to go in Nov if you want to learn something new.
This year, I have not been able to participate as I have done the last 2 years. Lars's hospitalization, traffic accidents and other things have meant that I have not had the strength to participate.

To day at Beccys Place it is the letter "P" you have to incorporate in your card. I have choosen to make a card with "Poinsetta". I just love this Christmas flower. So here's my card:

søndag den 5. november 2017

A beautiful hymn

A month of holiday cards at Beccys Place.
To day is Nov 5th, and the letter of the day is "E".
E= Embossing

The centiment is the beginning of the Christmas Hymn:

The rose's from the Stampin Up stamp set: Rose wonder!

Click here and listen to a beautiful hymn

  1. Lo, how a Rose e’er blooming
    From tender stem hath sprung!
    Of Jesse’s lineage coming,
    As men of old have sung.
    It came, a flow’ret bright,
    Amid the cold of winter,
    When half spent was the night.
  2. Isaiah ’twas foretold it,
    The Rose I have in mind;
    With Mary we behold it,
    The virgin mother kind.
    To show God’s love aright,
    She bore to men a Savior,
    When half spent was the night.
  3. This Flow’r, whose fragrance tender
    With sweetness fills the air,
    Dispels with glorious splendor
    The darkness everywhere.
    True man, yet very God,
    From sin and death He saves us,
    And lightens every load.

lørdag den 4. november 2017

Dutch fold card

Stamp and centiment's from Stampin Up.

This is NOT one of my best cards! I wanted to show it, because there's a truth hidden in it ...
  1. I did not want to show this card, because it is not very well done
  2. Why show something others wouldn't like either?
Well, we're not perfect - none of us, nor should we pretend to be. 
The world needs people who dare to show their unprefection - in cards and other wise.
This is my first step- I dare to show, what I'm not so proud of. Now, did my world fall apart? No! Som maybe I will do this another time....

How about you???

fredag den 3. november 2017

Only a few weeks until the first Sunday in Advent.

Christmas is near, I'm looking forward to it.
It's no secret that I love Christmas.
I love the traditions that belong to Christmas - and I love the true meaning of Christmas.
Let me mention just one of our traditions: pickled green tomatoes. My grandmother's mother, my great-grandmother (on my fathers side), made these and they have always been on our Christmas table.
If they were eaten or not, that meant nothing, just they were on the table - as a greeting to generations gone by.
The true meaning of Christmas: The birth of Christ as the Savior of the world. I do not think we should only celebrate Him one evening a year - but every day of the year we should show gratitude for the love of Heavenly Father and the selflessness of the Son - for their plan that can bring us back to them.

Beccys challenge "C" = Chill Out this Winter

The ribbon says: Merry Christmas in Danish.

onsdag den 1. november 2017

Beccy's November challenge

For the 5th time, Beccys place has been a challenge in November.
Please visit her blog, she's a great artist. Also, see if the challenge is anything for you to join.
My card 1st November:

B = Berries