søndag den 26. november 2017

The Lords day

Today during the sacrament I had some new thoughts. (yes, that happens)

To me, The sacrament of the Lord, is about his sacrifice and our opportunity to return to the Father's presence one day.

When the bread and the water were given to me today, it was as if the Savior stood and offered me the sacrifice he had given. The tray was offered me - and it was up to me to reach out and take  it, symbolic in terms of bread and water. I could not take it myself, it had to be offered to me.

When we eat, we internalise it. It becomes a part of us. When it is a part of us, because we have eaten the bread and drunken the water, I think we are obligated to then act on His offer, and actively follow in His footsteps. Show the world, that we are His followers not only in words - but more so in our actions.

Suddenly today, the sacrament meant more than it had ever done. It was a very spirituel moment.


With regard to Lars, he has received no less than 4 diagnoses: A very small tumor, benign, so it is not necessary to do anything about it. He has had some blood clots. He has collagenosis/kollagenose   and his liver does not work well.
Now he has to go through a series of examinations, to find the right treatment.
Lars is o.k. - we're both all right. For the first time in 2½ years, we can relax, we know what is wrong. Yes, more treatments lies ahead, but that's all right. We have found so much peace, that it is difficult to explain.

W = A Warm and cosy moment around the Christmas tree, these "nisser" looks linke the Nordic nisser (gnomes) does. These are made from dies from ByLene Design

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