søndag den 17. december 2017

Only 7 days til Christmas

Only 7 days til Christmas. Where did the last month go?

We're taking it slow this year.
Normally we decorate with nisser (our take on gnoms), stars etc.
Lars has gotten the winter village in place, it's a tradition we do not want to do without.
Another thing is a branch from Corylus avellana 'Contorta'/Trolletræ.

Christmas ornament by the goldsmith Georg Jensen.

Relateret billede
Trolletræ/Corylus avellana 'Contorta'

Poinsetta 2017

Another lovely tradition, for me, is that my youngest daughter, Grethe, gives me a Christmas
star / Poinsetta.
My father-in-law began this tradition that ended when he died. When Grethe, as a teenager heard about it, she chose to continue it.
The deep red color of the flower symbolizes the great love that can be between humans - and Heaven. Christ was born, that is what we celebrate. His blood was poured out for us at Easter (the deep red color), thus paving the way home to our Heavenly Father. This he did because of His great love for us.

In another, and yet the same way, it symbolizes the love in the family. That we in the family are willing to do everything for each other.

Our grandson, Mads - he's the best.

Some cards I've made in December...

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