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Christmas traditions

In Denmark Santas helper's are called "Nisser" (gnomes)
Here's a picture of a (Bramming)-Nisse. To me, that's how a nisse should look like.

 Billedresultat for bramming nisser

In Denmark you can buy a sheet of paper with nisser, you cut them out and then place them all over your house. Some are serious, some are teasing, some smart and so on.
It is not unheard of, that in pre-school and kindergarden, each child will take turn, to take home a teasing nisse. The next day they will share what the nisse did...
Our grandson Mads, also took home a teasing nisse from nursery, for a weekend. The Nisse, among other things, took some of Mads' clothes and put it on the christmas tree.

In many homes you will find a nisse-village like this one. I found the picture on the internet.

Relateret billede

When our children was very young, we had a nisse-village too. One year Lars showed me some houses in porcelain. They are made in The Nederlands. He asked, how I would feel if we made a winter village without nisser! I was on board! It has been his project all along. He plan where the houses, people, animals and more, are going to be so it all fits together and tells a story.

This year we did not put up much decoration, but Lars made sure of, that the Winter village was up and running. The winter village is different every year. This is how it looked like this christmas.

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