tirsdag den 1. december 2015

1th Sunday in Advent!

I think Sunday was like Christmas Eve for me. (We celebrate Christmas in Denmark on the evening of Dec. 24th.). Our grandson had his 1th. Advent gift. (he'll get one each Sunday until Christmas).

The first of 4 Advent gift is unwrapped.

It was the knitted sweater my friend Stine O. Pedersen had made.
Thank you Stine. It fits him, and his dad really liked the motiv: A policecar. To see the sweater better, please take a look at Nov 13th. 2015 - that's when it came in the mail.

These pictures are from a couple of days ago. My grandson and I was in the kitchen together. 
He's so funny. Only 7 month in a few days, so he's all over the place. He loves it - and so do I.

Look at his face! He was not sure what to think of the noise that came from the maschine!!!

Well, the maschine is tuned off, and we're both ready to bake...

First we made small marcipan sugar free petit four
sukkerfri kransekagetoppe (Danish recipie)

Then we made an appel/marcipan tarte. He was so eager to "help". This is NOT the last time we'll be baking together. 
Oh, how I love the days when I'm not in to much pain, b/c then I get to be what I love:

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