tirsdag den 1. december 2015

A speciel "Thank you" to Pia and Beccy

I would like to thank 2 very kind persons to day. A friend of mine, and one I've never meet. Each of them have had a significant impact on my life. 
Here's some background:
I've been scrapbooking since 2006, and since February 2015, I've been making cards. I began making cards, when a friend of mine did. Pia Koch, I will always be grateful to you for having opened up to a whole new crafting world for me. Not only that, also for teaching me some basic copic colouring technique - I know, I need to learn more. And you make learning together so much fun. Everything else about card making has had to wait. I was just not ready. All I knew was that making cards was fun, and that was enough for me - as of until now.

To day:

I always knew that I needed to learn some basic techniques of card making, but as I just wrote, I was not ready.Though, now the time has come. It became very clear to me this past month of November. I'm just so ready and eager to learn more.
Why now?
There is a blog I follow: http://beccysplace.blogspot.dk/

Every day in November, Beccy gave a new challenge: a new way to make a Christmas card!

I realized after just a few days, that now the time had come: I needed to learn some basic tekniqes. There were so many of the challenges I would have loved to make, but I couldn't. Well, some of the challenges this past month were: Make a non-Christmas Christmas card, 

use pathwork, 
use only white on white,
use embossing and so on. 

Thanks Beccy! You have made a big difference in my life. Thanks for the digi-stamp and digistamp set I have won in your random draw. They are just so beautiful.


Please visit Beccys blog, and if you make cards please visit her store too. 
On her blog she has a ton of freebies, just look under "Image Index": http://beccysplace.blogspot.com.au/
In her store you will find only beautiful digi-stamps: http://www.beccysplace.com/
All - both freebies and those you can buy, are great digi-stamps. 

Can you tell, I like what she makes?

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  1. Dear Conny,
    It has been my pleasure to run the November challenge, I enjoy doing it each and every year. When I hear lovely stories like yours it only inspires me more! Thank you for sharing and thank you for all the kind words you said about my blog and my designs!


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