mandag den 1. februar 2016

A card and Mads' first sleepover!

I have not made much craft the last few days, but now I've made a new Christmas card. I found the idea for the card, on  Beccys Place. Here's the link to the original card: A technique-class-lattice-card.
This is how my card turned out. Next time I think - still don't know - I'll put  a light piece of paper, inbetween the 2 pieces of paper, that make up the front of the card. Any suggestions?

A un-traditional Christmas card!
Et utraditionelt Christmas Card

Happy to see mom and dad again!!
Glad for at se mor og far igen.

Playing with granmom, aunt Milla and onkel Jimmy!
Leger med bedstemor, moster Milla og onkel Jimmy!