onsdag den 16. marts 2016

Warm weather, freezer and tissue paper!

I think spring is on it's way. It has been warm outside to day. It was lovely, as I had to make a trip down town to a meeting. I'm so blessed that my children will help each other out. I got a pain attach during the meeting, so I called my son who came and picked me up. My daughters stayed and finished the meeting. 

A family came and picked up our freezer. We're glad to give it away to someone else.

Do you know how many tissues there can be in a box? My 10 month old grandson don't know - and yesterday he wanted to find out! 

I've finished some cards to day. I made 2 more cards with the snowflake in the middle of the card, a little giftcard and a regular card.

The card sayes: It is your day to day.

A little gift card (7.5 cm *10,5 cm)

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