tirsdag den 15. marts 2016

120 Trøffelkugler and come cards!

We all had a great and funny day yesterday. Our youngest daughter Grethe came early in the morning wtih our grandson Mads. They stayed until midt afternoon - what a delight.I love how close I am with my daughter. I wish, I had been that with my own mom. Perhaps that is why I appreciate our relationship so much. Yesterday made me think, how much we can miss out on, due to differences, hurt feelings and misunderstanding.Mads had some kitchen time with me. I made these trøffelkugler, 120 of them. They are in the freezer now, ready whenever I need them.

Yesterday I also found time to make some cards. 

I made the background using "Flowering field" from Stampin' Up!.The text is also from Stampin' Up!

A card made from a stamp from Heartfelt creation. 

The snowflake is also from Heartfelt Creation.I can't remember the compagny where the centiment came from.The snowflake is hanging loose in a string. I have not desiede wether or not there should be a background or not! Here, as you can see, there is. But if I make more, I'll ask Charlie Johansen from Operation skriv hjem

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