tirsdag den 8. marts 2016

Are there angels amongst us?

Yesterday was a great blessing for our ur family. Friends from church came and packed our daughter's apartment down . She moves into sheltered accommodation . She realized that it was impossible for her to live alone , without help. She has ADHD and autism .Because of my illness , promised the municipality that the help which Kamilla had right now , would help sort and pack . her belongings . Now do we find out that it has not done so.Thanks for all the help , now it's manageable to do the rest.

Do I believe their are angels among us? Yes, and 4 angels came yesterday: Jane, Ellen Karla og Grethe. I truely believe we can be eachothers angels.

A different type of Christmas card.
The banner says:
I rejoice in this time, now the Christmas snow are falling white. Then I know for sure, that Christmas is coming.

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