fredag den 29. april 2016


I didn't do much yesterday, that is, beside laying down.
I had the injection in my knee - boy did it hurt. A jr. doctor (in training), tried to inject the medicine... it did not work out so well. The "boss" then showed her how to do it, she tried again - and it worked. Oh, yes, I did give permission, so she could try. They all have to learn, right?  A small injection - big difference!

So since I didn't make any card yesterday, I'll show you one of my favorite flowers.

The Edelwiess

When I was 9 years old, I sang Edelweiss. I have always loved that music and lyric.

Not many know this, but my husbond to be, gave me a broche, an Edelwiess, the day we had been engaged for 2 weeks. I love that broche.

There's some reasons why I like Edelweiss: It is small and yet it can stirr a lot of feelings in people.
When dry it's not even pretty, at least I don't think so. But, I keep being drawn to it. There's just something about it...

Are we also like Edelwiess? Some of us might feel small and unimportant. 
Though, like Edelwiess, we can still touch others, and bless their lives, by just being there, be an ear that listen, a helping hand - a friend.
If we do our best (and only we know what our best is ) , we find that those we are trying to help , will feel our sensireness & interest - our out streach hand , a hand of friendship!

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