onsdag den 27. april 2016

Hope, Peace & Joy!

Hi, I hope this day will find you full of hope, peace and joy.

Why hope, peace and joy? I guess, I project my own feelings towards you this day...

Hope - I hope the struggels we have, will work out for the best.
Hope - I hope I'll learn what I need to learn, as each day passes by, so I can become a better person.

Peace - in the knowledge that love will triump everything.
Peace - in heart, mind and soul, by knowing that all of us have a purpose in life.

Joy - I feel joy when I see my family grow, learn and become wonderful adults.
Joy - I rejoice in the fact that I have been married to my soulmate for nearly 31 years. That whenever I look at him, I know I can trust him and that I feel safe and loved.


Now, to something else: The weather is still teasing us... sun, rain and snow... 
What kind of card shall I make? Spring cards? Winter cards?
I could not deside, so I made both...

A little different Christmas card - not sure I like it though.

The wreath is make fra Stampin' Up caled: Wonderful wreath. I love that stamp set. I had to wait nearly one year before I got it. Then last year, my family gave it to my as my Christmas pressent.

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  1. Jeg er vild med dine julekranse, de er så flotte Conny.


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