mandag den 25. april 2016

Opposition in all things ...

It is common sense that there may be opposition in life - otherwise we would not learn anything.
I can not say that I have always appreciated being able to choose. From when I was quite young, I understood that I had the right to choose - my grandmother taught me. "When you get older, choose wisely what is best for you!". 
But what is best for me? You see, do I always appreciate my right to choose? If I do not choose - will others choose for me?
Why do I have thoughts about the right to choose just today?
Well, I've had a lot of pain today and felt really sorry for myself. Not a smart choice! Then I got a call from my daughter, who joyfully told me,that our grandson had said his first 2 words: Dygtig & ja (Clever and yes)
Suddenly, the world is beautiful again. I'm still in pain, but can see a purpose with life. What happened? I used my right to choose - to choose life!
Life must be lived for better or worse! Thank you for the right to choose!

Another card for operation write home

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