søndag den 24. april 2016

True friends - or weed!

Just some thoughts...

Beautiful flowers grow side by side with the weeds .If the weeds are not removed when there is not much of it , it will take over the garden, and you have to put a lot of work into removeing it - to have a garden , you will be happy with .

I have wondered if in life, friends can be the same.Some friends will lift you up! They are there for you when you need them - even friends you have not seen in a while.
Other friends - if they should be called friends at all - will put you down when ever they can. 
Ought they be in our life - or garden - at all ? Should we pull them up as with the weed, and go on without them in our lives?

I think true friends will lift you up and help you grow. In a polite way, even tell you when you walk on the wrong path of life. They will help you flourish, so you and people around them will be blessed by having up them in your live.

These cards are for operationskrivhjem.dk

 The stamps are from Stampin' Up.
The map's from google.

Also for operationskrivhjem.dk

The card says: Congratulations with this day.

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