tirsdag den 5. april 2016

Spring is here!

Oh boy, it's been a while since my last update.

Life has been busy, and on top of that, both Lars and I have not been feeling good at all.

I LOVE this time a year. Spring! 
Everything comes to life again. In my garden I have some roses I got last year.
Last year my daughter Grethe, called me and said that she was out shopping, and had seen these cheep roses (under $1 a peace, that is Dkr 5). I wanted 10 roses, thinking they would only last a seacon, being so cheep.

Such a suprise, such a wonder - now the first new leaves have unfoled! They are alife - and I'm rejoicing over these chep flowers.

This made me thinking...
Are we like these roses? Do we last only a seacon, and then wither away? 
Some might belive that, not me.

I belive we live again after death. That we, like these roses, through the Atonement of our oldest brother Jesus Christ, will be brought back to a caring and loving heavenlig Father - who til rejoice over our homecoming. There, we will live again.

I love theSE two, so I had to make yet nother card with them.
The cemtiment is French: J'adove (I love)
The motive is from Mo Manning Jack and Ginger.html

My first pop-up box.
Motive is from Stampin' Up: Wetland

My first "flower in a pot" - card.
A greeting or a centimet can be written on the white part, that goes in the pot!

1 month old - where did the time go???

Mads with his mother, our daughter, Grethe

Mads with me

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