fredag den 15. april 2016

A great day!

Hi Everyone!
I hope your all fine and enjoying the weather. Here in Denmark, we've had a lot of rain.The weather is still very cold. 
Just like many others, I've got the flu and a cold.

There's not much to tell because I've been under the weather.

Lars was at the hospital for the final exams, and an interview. He will be called back in about 6 month month.

I'm not going to the pain clinik anymore, they have done what they can for me. 
A life with pain, is what I have to deal with!

Soon Mads is 1 year!                                                                                                                          
Is there anything better, than when a little child takes your hand?
This is Mads and grandfather Lars.

I have made 6 cards with the blue cookie monster for

6 "Just for you" cards, also for

I made this card to a little boy, who is a great fisher. 

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