søndag den 17. april 2016

Be an exemple!

Often I think of my life and the big decisions that I have taken.
What person or persons, if any, have affected my decisions, or did it come from myself?

An example could be, that for the past several years, many have stayed with us for a longer or shorter periods of time. They have never had to pay for living with us, nor for food.
Well-meaning friends have often said to us, as they did not understand this, that it was wrong of us. They just did not understand that our payment always was to se them recover from whatever challenge they were facing.

Christ said, dress the naked, give the poor food. He did not say, question if they have earned your help, and if you will find that they have - then help them. He spoke in the imperative form: Help them!
Why have we done, as we have have? Of of the goodness of our heart? Because we are Christians? Or because others have shown us kindness and been an example?
I think I can say yes to all of these questions.

While I lived in Sjælland, a family took me to heart. They were, like me, members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, known as Mormons. They had 10 children among them, so one more or less did not matter, as they said with the warmest smile. 

I lived alone, far from home, so in the beginning they were, the only ones I really knew. 
They were what I called my foster parents.

They taught me about love in a family, to open up to others, to help even though it is not always convenient. They showed me a way of life, through their example that influenced me forever.

Did my husband and I take all these people into our home, based on a decision we alone took? No, because of an example shown us by others.

Often friend and family have nurtured us by their eksemple, trust and believe.

An example is a powerful feature. We can influence others, both negatively and positively.

But no matter what we do - we are an example of the core values we possess.

 New cards for Operationskrivhjem.dk

A diffrent Fathers day card!
To the left it is closed, to the right it is partly opend.
It is called a Twist & Turn card!

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  1. Wise words Conny. Very pretty cards. I love the bog stamp with Just for you. Thanks for thinking of OSH.


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