søndag den 8. maj 2016

So many different things has happend!

There's been a lot on our plate these last few days, and I've not been able to do as much as I would like to - due to much pain.

First of all, our sweet grandson had his first birthday. It's so unreal that it's been a year since he came into our family. He has blessed our lives so much.

Since my youth I've been setting goals for myself.
The last few days I've been thinking abt. setting goals.
 Is it woth setting goals, if you try to complete the goal, the esaiest way possible? 
I think years have taught me to look at it this way: It is like a journey into the unknown. If you hurry, you might miss something importent. If you look deep and hard, you might find a presious gift!
Even more compasion and love towards others - and yourself.

A mini-album for my son-in-laws grandmother.
There's pictures of Mads, her great-grandchild, in the pockets.

A Mo Manning birthday card
Big guy jogging 

A small Rittersport box/envelope. The first I've ever made of this kind.

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