onsdag den 11. maj 2016

Monsters in our house!

We have had a viewing of the house. Finally something is happening. Come this weekend, another family will come looking at our house. Wednesday next week the first family, from last saturay, will come back to see the house a 2nd time . It is so exiting! I have made some children card to OSH . These have mini-books on the back. I think small children get more out of haveing a story read to them, than just see a card with a centiment. Not that there anything wrong with that, I make those cards too. With the next box of cards to OSH, I'll make 15 children cards with mini-books . Here's the card I've made to day. Well, I made 4 with the same story. Not many - but few are better than none, right?

Front to the left.Back to the right,

There is a woodbox in the livingroom.It is filled with toys - and Mads

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