lørdag den 21. maj 2016

Climb every mountain part 1

Life has been crazy - and oh so very blessed! I've had pain there has hardly been bearable and there have been people who came to look at our house, which is still for sale. Thanks to Karla and Elisabeth our house has been clean and shiny, every time someone came.

Our children have done our shopping, and more. Our son-in-law even came a few nights and made us dinner. What more could I want?

I've thought a lot of the text: Climb every mountain! and the centiment on the card below (that's why I made it): If you do not climb the mountain, you can not see the view over the valley!
Do I have to climb every mountain ? Why not be happy where I am ? Why seak something else?
When I was young teeanager I learned the value of setting goals . It is a habit hard to let go of, mainly because I believe in the concept. 

You could argue that in my circumstance it does not matter if I stop. I do not see it that way. 
I just have to adjust my goals, and perhaps discover new sides of myself .
Therefore, I would climb every mountain - see if I can improve myself .The view beyond vally is always breathtaking when you know you did your best - and you have fulfilled whatever goals or dreams you had.

As I get older , I've found that if I set a goal and are sincere about it - working to implement it in my daylig routine, and make it a part of myself , I enjoy so much more the yourney toward achieveing the goal .

The centiment says:
If you don't climb the mountain, you can not see the view over the valley!

My take on Christmas cards for Operationskrivhjem.dk this month.
I know it's not the 24th, but I hope it will count anyway!!!

Card to the left says: Thinking of you.

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  1. So pleased to learn of the help extended Towers you. No doubt you deserve to be at the receiving end. Thank you so Much for the parcel with lovely OSH cards again. Much appreciated. All the Best.