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Climb every mountain part 2

Continuing from yesterday: 
To climb mountains - it need not be about setting goals. I think most would say it is about problems or challenges in life.
We are faced with many challenges right now: We need to get the house sold, Lars and my health is not good, where to stay, how can we cope, how will the future be ...
Yesterday, Saturday, we had to have some very heavy stones removed. Each stone weighed over 30 kg. There were many who came and helped us! Quickly all the stones were moved!Thanks to all who helped us, jet again.

Symbolically, we have many stone to be moved in our lives right now - and we are about to climb a high mountain. It is not easy and we get scrapes along the way, but we have family and friends who are rooting for us.
When we symbolically reaches the top of the mountain - we can enjoy the time ahead of us.

It is in difficult times you see who your friends are. They are the ones who do not leave you, when you need a helping hand. When we look around us, we see that we are surrounded by sincere friends and family. Our friendship - and family ties have been linked even closer. 

The card says:
To day, is the tomorrow
you dreamt of yesterday!

Next week, Lars and I may celebrate that we have been married for 31 years. He is my heart, my soul mate. I love him dearly. In Denmark we celebrate some wedding days in a special way . We put a triumphal arch around the frontdoor on these occasions. Family and friends are invited to a banquet. 
When a couple has been married for 12½ years , only half a triumphal arch are put up - there are still 12½ years to the silver wedding.

Here's a list of what we call the wedding days in Denmark. Those which are highlighted, are the wedding days we celebrated with a feast for family and friends.
0 år: Bryllup =Wedding
1 år: Papirbryllup = paper wedding
2 år: Bomuldsbryllup= cotton wedding
3 år: Læderbryllup= leather wedding
4 år: Blomsterbryllup eller Hyacintbryllup= flower wedding
5 år: Træbryllup= wood wedding
6 år: Sukkerbryllup= sucker wedding
7 år: Uldbryllup= wool wedding
8 år: Bronzebryllup= bronze wedding
9 år: Pilbryllup eller Stråbryllup= willow or straw wedding
10 år: Tinbryllup= tin wedding
11 år: Stålbryllup eller Ravbryllup= steel or amber wedding
12 år: Silkebryllup= silk wedding
12 1/2 år: Kobberbryllup= copper wedding
13 år: Kniplingsbryllup= lace wedding
14 år: Elfenbensbryllup= ivory wneddig
15 år: Krystalbryllup= crystal wedding
16 år: Månebryllup= moon wedding
17 år: Ametystbryllup= amethyst
18 år: Margueritbryllup= daisy wedding
19 år: Granatbryllup= grenade wedding
20 år: Porcelænsbryllup= porcelain wedding
21 år: Turkisbryllup=turquoise wedding
22 år: Alliancebryllup= alliance wedding
23 år: Tulipanbryllup= tulip wedding
24 år: Karatbryllup= karat wedding
25 år: Sølvbryllup= silver wedding
30 år: Perlebryllup= pearl wedding
35 år: Koralbryllup=coral wedding
40 år: Rubinbryllup= ruby wedding
45 år: Safirbryllup= sapphire wedding
50 år: Guldbryllup=gold wedding
55 år: Smaragdbryllup= emerald wedding
60 år: Diamantbryllup=diamant wedding
65 år: Krondiamantbryllup= crown diamond
70 år: Jernbryllup= iron wedding
75 år: Kronjuvelbryllup, Atombryllup eller Stålbryllup= crown jewel, atom wedding or steal wedding

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  1. Lovely to read you are surround-anlæg by good people. We have been married for 40 years in July. Time sure flies.