søndag den 29. maj 2016

Try something new!

Just call me old fashioned , but I think that the main task in life is not career and job , even if it is necessary, but rather be whole-hearted parents.
It is to create a safe environment for our small ones , so they can develop and grow up as whole human beings .
It is interesting to see small children embark on new adventures - they do not see limitations but opportunities. Maybe we could learn something from them.
Life is all about daring to try something new, take the opportunities that come our way . This applies to both old and young.

A few cards for OSH

My first try using Craft Robo on my own...

My son-in-law asked me if I could make a baby book for some relatives in Sweden.
I made 3, one for his father, grandfather and the family in Sweden.
This is then Mads' grandfather and great-grandparents.

Front cover - not done yet.

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