tirsdag den 31. maj 2016


Have you tried to wait for something at a certain time and then suddenly, everything changed, and you can not do anything about it? I have recently. Not that it was something big, but it was something I had been looking forward to since January. I love control! When something happens that I can not control, I do not feel good at all. Yesterday came so I had been waiting for - a small package with a stamp in it. Imagine a small stamp can stir up so much emotion.
I came to think, how much I wonder I miss out on, because I prefer to have control of all things. 
Here, when I accepted that I could not do anything about the package came later than agreed, I began to look forward to when it would arrive. I started imagine all the cards I could make with the stamp. I began to search the web to see what others had done. I can honestly say that I appreciate the stamp more today because of the wait - than if I had got it right away.¨
Perhaps it is sometimes good to wait! Perhaps we need to wait to use the time to develop and see opportunities we would otherwise have missed.
Take a look. I now need to learn new techniques, I can't wait.

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