onsdag den 13. juli 2016

Want to hear some good news?

Only good news!

This update is only good news. Lot of things has happed in our family, and not all positive.
This update will not deal with those things.

Our real estate agent has worked very hard to sell our house, even helped a potential buyer to find finaces, only to see it all fall apart ... but he did not give up, he just tried something else.

He has gone the extra mil - not that he needed to, but he had compassion for the situation we involuntarily has fallen into.
He visited us again yesterday with good news:

The house is sold! We have 6 weeks to pack the house, the buyer will take over the house
September 1, 2016.

We feel blessed, relieved and tired. The "For Sale" sign is gone, a new chapter is about to begin!