søndag den 9. oktober 2016

A bit of everything!

This sign was over the door in the hospital room where I was - one of the many times I was in the hospital.    "On a scale from 0-10 who much pain are you in right now?" Oh, I've heard that question many times. This was the fist time I've seen a sign like that. 
Maybe it will help staff and patient to understand each other better.

Now it's time for an update. There has been many things going on in our lives.

With the help of friends from church, we moved from our home, Hattemagervej. It was a strange feeling. It had been home for many years, and now it was over. For the next many weeks we wolud live at a friends apartment, until we could move into our new flat.

Usually, a move can be very stressful. There are many decisions to be taken, things must be planned, you may need to ask others for help and so om. Good friends came - took over for us. We hope they will be blessed for their great help. We know they have made sacrifices in order to be able to help us. 'We have not been able to do handle the last 1½ month without their help.

I have been hospitalized again and had surgery for the 15th time in 2 years. My body can't take anymore. It's tired. Lars is not well to. Therefore, we feel the blessings of heaven through our family and friends in a big way. All encourages us. All are there for us. We are grateful for all the prayers that are offered on our behalf.
We move into our new apartment next week. We can't wait for our "new beginning".

Some other news I can tell you are:  our son, Jimmy, moved to England. He has a job already. We wish him the best. We miss him. We wish he was with us - but it is his life, he is writing his story.
The Danish author Hans Christian Andersen once said: To travel - is to live! We look forward to follow Jimmy on his new journey.

Until next time, take care!

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  1. Hej ven. Håber postbudet finder dig, men nok først om et dage endnu. Pøj pøj med alt det nye. Mit gamle firma udleverede for 10 år siden VÁS score linealer til sygeplejersker og dem der var på børneafdeling fik med ansigter på. 😍

    1. Ej hvor er det sjovt! Jeg synes det er genialt med sådan et skema. Det kan være svært at sige et tal, for hvad der er stærk smerte for én, er det måske ikke for en anden. Her kan det visuelt sammenlignes, det synes jeg er godt tænkt. Hav en god Søndag.

  2. Best wishes to you and your family on the future move and everything :)

    1. Thank you. The move went well. We've been blessed with the move, so many came and helped out.
      Have a great Sunday.


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