tirsdag den 11. oktober 2016

How does a picture frame and Stampin Up! work together?

I had a great afternoon with my daughter and grandson. We drove to Århus, and did some shopping at IKEA. 
It's the 2nd time I'm on a longer trip, since my last operation. When I came home, I sleeped for a few houres. I found out to day, that I still have to slow down, and just enjoy life - I'm not ready as of yet, to do all I want, when I want - but I'm getting there.
Have a blessed dag - Conny

How does a picture frame and Stampin Up! work together?

Birtday Bloom stamp set, Chocolate Chip stamp pad.

I found an idea on pinterest and I just had to try: 

Use a pictureframe instead of a MISTY

It works! The picture frame is Hemmingsbo from IKEA.

Place the stamp on the lid, and ink it up.

Close the lid, and gently press the stamp & acrylic top, down on the card base.

This is what it looks like! It's so easy. The stamp clings to the lid, so now it is easy to
massproduce cards with the stamp in the same place!

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