tirsdag den 1. november 2016

Blue and silver!

We are slowly finding a rhytm in what we call "our new life".
Quite and calm, we get more and more of our stuf in place.
It's amazing how much we have collected in the 31 years we've been married.

We enjoy the time with our family - and miss our son Jimmy, who is in England.
The Importence of the family, is central for us.
Mutual love and respect means a lot to us. The last 2 years with much illness, have shown that our
family is there for each other - it's not something I take for granted. I see and feel it as a great blessing.

Last Sunday, I was in church. I have missed to take part in the Holy Sacrement. What a blessing to be there again, and partake.

Until next time: Take care of yourself - you're best at it!

I have now made claim on the kitchen: It's mine!!!

There's a fb group where we are a group of members who swap advents pressents.
It's all about crafting: cards, scrapbooking and such. 
I've signed up fot 2 - and in return I'll also recieve 2 gifts.

Still working on the craftroom... and our little grandson sure likes to help.
We put things in place - and he reorganizes it right away...

At Beccysplace the month of Nov. means a month of fun!
Each day Beccy gives a new challenge. Come join in - you'll learn something, I prommise.
To day the challange was easy: Make a card using your favourite colour combination.

Right now my colours are silver and blue. 
The inside of the Christmas card.

2 kommentarer:

  1. It is such an elegant card! thanks for joining our November Challenge, Petra DT Beccy's Place

  2. Fantastic card Conny, silver and blue is one of those classic colour combinations that never go out of style. I love those gorgeous trees and have used them many times myself, and I also like the wonderful sentiment stamp you used. Great job!