lørdag den 29. oktober 2016

So, what's new?

Well, a lot has happend since my last update, both good and not so good.

Let's take the not so good news first (sort of, getting it out and be done with):
The place where my daughter and son-in-law and grandchild live, has eight apartments, spread over 2 floors. One apartment on the groundfloor broke out on fire!
For a while they were trapped in the apartment. They first came when a couple of firemen came and helped them out. It was a horrible experience. We are grateful that nothing happened to them. It showed us how precious and fragile life is. Also it showed us, how important it is, that we put the most important and the right things first in life.

On a happier note, Lars and I moved into our new home 2 weeks ago. We're grateful for all the help the members of the Church gave us.  They did everything regarding the move for us - yes, EVERYTHING!

We are slowly finding out where we want our things to be. Also, what things we would LIKE to keep - or things we NEED to keep, and they are not always the same thing... so, what has to go, and what do we want/need to keep? Stuf we don't want will either be given away for reuse or discarded.
We thrive in our small home, which is only half the seize of what we had before. We just do not need as much space.

Tomorrow I'm going to church for the first time in a long time - and I am looking forward to it. 
My health is slowly improving, but I'm still incredibly tired. 

Lesson to learn right now: 
My body needs to heal, I can feel it. It is all right, I need to let my body do it's job.

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