onsdag den 16. november 2016

A day off!

A day off where I don't do anything - it sounds just great. My little insignificant tasks today only involves:
Bakingm shopping, sorting boxes, pick up our daughter (she want to come home and spend the day), visit from our other and grandson, sorting out the old storage room, clean the house, do laundry... 
Now it sounds like I'm complaining - I don't - I feel blessed that I can do these things. After so much surgery and the recovery, it feels great to be able to participate in daily activities.
To fully appreciate the things we often take for granted, we may have to experience the opposite. To experience the oppesite leads us to appriciate the blessings we receive, but we can also learn what is most important in life. What we think we can't do withour or something we have to do, is suddenly irrelevant.
Funny thing though, I have found out that many things I thought I could not live withour, eventhough they felt a burden - giving it up, either by giving it away or througing it out, provided the  freedom I love so much.

My card for today at Beccys place

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  1. I love the simplicity of this beautiful card Conny, you've done a wonderful job creating it. I love the torn paper to simulate a snowy hill, I love the pretty decorated tree and I love the twine bow you added. Great card!