tirsdag den 15. november 2016

What is trust?

Hi there!
To day I have a thought about TRUST.
What is TRUST? 
Why is trust so importent?

Define Trust at Dictionary.com: (here's only a few things)
  • reliance on and confidence in the truth, worth, reliability, etc, of person or thing;
  • fait, (a person or thing in which confidence or faith is placed)

I don't know about you, but I find it hard to trust a person I've just meet.
A man once said to me: Christ told us to forgive every one - but they have to earn your trust agin. 
Until that moment, I'd alwayd felt that if I forgave a person, I also had to fully trust them again
It was a relief to be taught that trust, even as an adult,  is something you have to earn a right to.
Trust is a big thing, I wonder if we think about that from time to time - and appreciate the trust we feel from family and friends.

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