mandag den 14. november 2016

Our heritage

The last few weeks I've often thought about our heritage.
My spouse and I have talked a lot about it.
My childhood was influenced by my father's alcoholism and violence. My grandfarther on my fathers side and my great-grandfather were also alcoholic. My fathers sister married an alcoholic...
I was removed from home when I was 13 years.
Maybe that's why I often think of where I could have ended, if I'd not been removed - or where I would have been had it not been for the love of my grandmother (my morthers mother), or the love of my "church family".
My thoughts are often about why I did not choose the same path. Why do some and others so not?
In a way I never felt I "belonged" in my family. I was different. My family felt it to. I wanted something different than them.
Symbolically, it was as if I looked up and longed for the stars, while my family was satisfied with where they were.
I was often told I would never amount to anything, that no one would marry me, that I should be grateful for what I had.
My thought: Are we ungrateful becaurse we desire something diffrent than our parents? Because we think other thoughts? I though so for many years.
I'm grateful for my husbond and all he'd done for me. For believing in me and my dreams. He has taught me that it's ok to want something different than others - by that we can even prosper and grow.
Reach for the stars - claim your dreams. Do not let heritage hold you back, and prevent you of being the best you can be.
Today I've made a different card - I saw it om Pinterest, and I reached out and tried it! The result is not perfect, but I tried, and learned a bit along the way.
 The card is closed

 Now the card is opened!

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  1. What a truly touching post Conny, thank you for sharing a little bit about yourself and your history. I too have often wondered why people choose the paths they do. I'm really glad you've managed to break the cycle in your family, and now have a life that is obviously full of love.

    I think your card is fantastic. I'm always impressed when people have a go at something that is outside their comfort zone... it's really the only way to learn and grow.

  2. Det er sterkt å lese din historie. Og så modig gjort av deg å fortelle om dine erfaringer! Så godt at du har kommet ut av det sporet som liksom var fastlagt for deg! Jeg ønsker deg alt godt.
    Glem aldri: Du er verdifull!
    Klem fra Liv i Sveits