fredag den 11. november 2016

A deep red poinsetta

Oh, how I love that flower, a poinsetta. I can't remember a time I didn't!
When my father-in-law lived, he used to give me one each year in the beginning of December, because he knew how much I loved that flower. I was so thankful to him, it became a symbol of his love for me.

Some years after he had died, I told my youngest daughter about that tradition. She said it was a sweet story about her grandfather, and we didn't talk about it after that. December came a few month later, and so did a poinsetta. Ever since then, she has given me a flower in December. To me it has has become a sign of familytradition and love.

1 kommentar:

  1. What a wonderful story Conny, I love that your daughter has carried on the tradition started by her grandfather. I hope it will continue on in your family.
    Your card is beautiful. The image is gorgeous and you did a fantastic job with the colouring. I also like the wonderful frame and background paper. Well done!