fredag den 11. november 2016

A treasure in the garden

Do you know the feeling, when you need something, right now, and you do not have what you need?
To day needed a stamp with stars, and did not have one like that (I thought). 

I thought I probably really should consider getting my stamps in some sort of a system. It's hard to know what you have, when they are just mixed together. 

There was not far from thought to action. I found a system and began to sort the stamps.
Then I moved onto the Christmas stamps from Bildmålarne (from Sweden). I desided to begin with those, as Christmas is just around the corner.

What did I find? A stamp that said: Under the starts! Just such a stamp that I needed - and had forgot I had!

I think life is a bit like my mess with the stamps - sometimes. Once we were glad for something, and as time went by, we forget all about it. If we are lucky, we find the joy again - and once again rejoice in the little things in life.

I like this childrens song, I am like a star shinning brightly

We have many small treasures in our lives - we just need to open your eyes and see them.

The challenge today at Beccys place was to make a card with stars.

"Under the stars"

Before                            After

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