lørdag den 3. december 2016

A greeting from the past!

When I was at boarding school, one song became very special to me. So much so that it has followed me my whole life. Together with another student, we played it several times.The song are Amazing Grace. Almost every time life has been hard, I have thought about this student and this song. 
I was already a "big" girl all ready back then. I was often teased because of my faith - and my weight. This student never teased me, but had an aura of confidence which made me comfortable. The reassurance helped me more than words can describe. 
To day my faith gives me strength and confidence. I believe in my Saviour Jesus Christ, that he wants to embrace us in his arms and in his love to make us feel safe. 

This month we celebrate this love by celebrating his son's birth. I hope that we can feel the strong bond of security and peace longer than in December. 

That no matter what happens in the world, we will maintain our faith in, that everything good comes from a loving Heavenly Father.

Like this student who was there for me, I hope we will be there for each other - and let that be our gift to Him, who loves us.

This stamp was from the, now closed, Bildmalarna. A Swedish compagny.

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