mandag den 5. december 2016

Where can I turn for peace?

Please, Lisen to this song, it is so beautiful.

I've looked forward to a time where there was no more pain, just peace in our life - and home.
So, with that said...
My daughter invited me to the church christmas party, and I said no, knowing I would miss out on my grandsons first christmas party, but I told her I had to decline, so I could come to church. I have longed to come to church  so many weeks.
So I looked forward to that, but come friday night, something became to feel wrong in my left side. I'd gained a lot a weight during the weekend, and my fod and special around my knee, was in so much pain that it was difficult to walk. Sunday came, no church instead a headache like no time before, and I walked like a drunk person

I went to the doctor this morning, believe it or not, there's 2 things wrong. 

  1. I need iron, so new blodtests has to be taken this comming friday, and I might have to go to the hospital next week to have it in IV. That's all right with me, I've done that 2 times before. The lack of iron could cause the headache and the lack for coordination.
  2. I am now waiting on an MRI scan, the doctor is sure that I have a meniscus injury. After a MRI scan there might be so a telescope operation to fix it.

Where can I find peace? Only in the belief that my Redeemer is with me, he knows when my cup is full. That he loves me and carries my family and me through our challenges. There's just been so many the last 2 years.

It does not mean that life will be easier ... and yet, my faith gives meaning to the challenges my family and I meet. That it all has a purpose and is not in vain. My belief in that - makes it all worth while.

With that said, you who reads this blog, and thus take part in my thoughts and life, I wish you a very blessed Christmas month.

These are the projects I've been working on lately.

A tea dispenser - I've wanted to try to make one for a long time.

A Valentine card - to the left closed - to the right it is opened.

One of Mo Mannings beauiful digi stamps mummus kissa

Another of Mo Mannings beauiful digi stamps aunt helen  

The last, for now of Mo Manning is this digi stamp that I just love, so much so, that by mistake I bought it twice...
potters shed

Another Valentine card

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