fredag den 16. december 2016

A new album

I'm still learning, and I love every step a long the away. I find it difficult to make photo albums,
but I love the process  - and I plan to learn it...

We had a scare this week. Lars didn't feel so good, so we went to the emergency physician. He suspected Lars had a blood clot in his left leg. He wanted to admit Lars, but could not get permission to do so - because he only suspected it. What????? We did not understand it. He went to the hospital for tests the day after, fortunately it was only a vein that had burst in the knee, and the blood had caused the leg to be swollen. As if that wasn't enough, Lars has an outbreak of Erysipelas.

One can not say that we are bored, there is always something going on in our little home.

A To and from - card

A album I'm trying to make.

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