lørdag den 17. december 2016

Winter flue

With a winter flue, I'm not doing much. I just want to share something with you though.

It is a tradition in many Danish homes, to make a "nisse"-town/scenery (not an alf or pixie, but kind of). Some "nisser" will tease people and some will help Santa with pressents. In many homes a scenery looked a little like this, when I was a little girl:

To day it looks more like this:

In the beginning of our marriage, we made one like this every year.

Then some years ago Lars told me, he had seen some very fine christmas houses - would I go with him and take a look at them?
I was in - right there and then. So now we don't make a nisse town, instead Lars creates a winter landscape.
Here some pictures of how it looks like this year. Enjoy - we sure do!

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