onsdag den 8. marts 2017

Genealogy & Indexing!

Last night, Tuesday, was the first time I attended a Genealogy evening, at church.
All, members and non-members, are welcome to come and do genealogical work. Some who attended had made genealogical work for many years, some were new to it.
I was indexing!!! What is that???? Well, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon Church) are known for doing genealogical work, like photographing of church records and other important documents. Afterward everything made freely available to all.
When I was 16 I began to collect data, pictures of my family and going to the national archive where a copy of all chruch records are keept. At the time I had a very hard time reading the handwriting in the old church records/books. But I was curious and amazed over the fact that I could find people in old books that I were related to, so I stuck with it, and ever since then, doing genealogi has been a very big part of who I am.

Therefor I was more than happy when I heard, and understod, what Indexing is all about, and the impact and importance it will have for future genealogists, and the way we do genealogy.

Indexing takes the search of data to a new level.
What is Indexing? The best way to describe it is done on the Churchs website:

Indexing is the process of entering information
from historical records into an online, search database.

Best of all: Everyone can participate in this project. Right now I'm indexing civil marriages in Copenhagen (1887-1964).

If you would like to join, please go to this link to find out more:


On to something else: 'm trying to learn how to make a mirror image in the water. This is something that I don't find easy ... Here's my first attempt.

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